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Carroll County Education Association

CCEA Elections Update

Absentee Ballot Provision:

  1. Absentee ballots for elections will be available to all members who do not have a home email address on file with CCEA.
  2. Only members who do not have a home email address may request an absentee ballot from March 12, 2018 until March 16, 2018.
  3. Members will need to request via email or by letter an absentee ballot from the following committee members based on their assigned level.

Elementary / Manchester Elementary:    Rona Haddaway  rlhadda@carrollk12.org

Middle School / North Carroll Middle:      Cathy DeStefano cedeste@carrollk12.org

High School / Manchester Valley HS:      Jason Cashen  jlcashe@carrollk12.org

  1. Absentee ballots must be returned to the respective level committee member by the close of school on March 29, 2018 via email, fax, or hard copy through the pony.
  2. To ensure election security, absentee ballots sent through the pony must be returned to the designated representative in a double sealed envelope. Member’s name and building location must be on the outside envelope and the secret ballot in the inside envelope.


  1. Campaigning will officially begin on March 12, 2018.

**On March 12, 2018 or there about, CCEA will publish an Election issue of the CCEA Advocate.**

View CCEA Advocate here: Advocate 2018